aspiring players

Thousands of youngsters dream of becoming a football professional, yet only a few succeed. We have been there ourselves and know what’s it all about, what it takes. We cannot make you a football player, but we can certainly guide you all the way to make the fragile chances of that happen much more possible. We shall constantly talk to your coaches and others about your development, just as we will consult you and your family on all the other matters which are also important and require professional and dedicated approach.

Established professionals

Having played in the leading clubs and strongest leagues in the world such as the Primera, Bundesliga, Premier League, Serie A and elsewhere we know of how difficult it is to ‘get there and stay there’. We have a team of international contacts and experts which will assist and guide a football professional become a true international player. We take care of contract negotiation, renewal and other legal matters. Our associates deal with financial and tax advice, also marketing and PR. So that you can concentrate on your football in full trust that these and other matters are in good hands.


We understand that football is a global industry these days and that there is a need for a trustworthy and professional advice and assistance by clubs all over the world. BGM Sport provides a full range of services in this respect and works with Clubs on talent spotting, scouting, pre-contract negotiation, legal advice and everything else that assists a Club find-and-get the right player it is searching for. The same service we provide to clubs intending to place their players elsewhere, especially abroad.